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DGTC - Product Development & Consulting -as a service

At DG TechCon (OPC) Pvt. Ltd., we are dedicated to delivering innovative and comprehensive technology solutions that empower businesses to thrive in a dynamic digital landscape. With a focus on cutting-edge strategies and top-notch expertise, we offer unparalleled services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Our Services

Our Services

At DG TechCon, our primary focus revolves around delivering specialized services to our esteemed clientele. Our array of services is exclusively crafted to cater to the realms of product development and enduring commitments. Below, we outline several of these meticulously tailored services curated for our clients' needs...

Product Development as a Service

At DG TechCon, we specialize in offering end-to-end Product Development as a Service (PDaaS) tailored to your unique needs. With extensive experience in enterprise-level product development, we serve as an extended team to bring your ideas to life.

Technical Consulting

Navigating technical challenges requires expert guidance. Our Technical Consulting services offer on-demand, hourly consultations tailored to address your specific technical needs.

Startup Catalyst

Empower your startup visions with DG TechCon. We act as a catalyst to turn your ideas into Minimum Viable Products (MVPs). Our experience in nurturing startups enables us to support and guide you through your entrepreneurial journey.

Product Testing as a Service

Quality and reliability are paramount. Our Product Testing services serve as an extension of your team, offering thorough and meticulous testing support.


Anup is a very self-motivated freelancer with good knowledge in frontend, backend and architecture. He always gives 100% and works hard to reach deadlines. I will hire him again when our app is gaining more traction.

Masod Saidi
Co-founder and CTO at FindersCrowd

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